Popular Understandings of Politics in Britain, 1937-2015

Popular Understandings of Politics in the Media

18 September 2014, Liberal Democrat Voice, Anti-politics: the Lib Dem problem

26 September 2014, Conservative Home, Heresy of the week: Blame the BBC not PPE for the poverty of our political culture

27 September 2014, The Spectator, How an Oxford degree – PPE – created a robotic governing class

29 October 2014, YouGov, Political disaffection is rising, and driving UKIP support

29 October 2014, Independent, Daily catch-up: strangely named buildings, anti-politics and pedantry

31 October 2014, The Spectator, What passing-bells for politicians who die as cattle?

6 November 2014, The Guardian, A crisis of trust – and the rise of new political parties

20 November 2014, Policy Network Blog, Anti-politics • Populism • Ukip Anti-politics: It’s not the economy, stupid; it’s you

23 November 2014, New York Times, Populists Challenge European Political Order

24 November 2014, Reuters, What to do about populism?

5 December 2014, Irish Examiner, Politicians not getting picture — it’s not flash but cash public wants

19 Janurary 2015, Financial Times, Only 1 in 10 believes UK politicians want ‘best for country’

20 February 2015, New Statesman: May 2015 Blog, Ukippers and Greens are united by distrust, but can’t be appeased at the same time

25 February 2015, LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, Two Polarities of Anti-Politics

24 March 2015, Political Studies Association Blog, Is anti-politics explained by depoliticisation?

12 August 2015, Democratic Audit UK, Negativity towards politics may be a by-product of a failure in ‘moral accounting’

27 August 2015, BBC Radio 4 Today, Interview with Will Jennings

3 December 2015, The History of Parliament Blog, Popular Understandings of Politics, 1945-1950: Perspectives from Mass Observation

24 April 2016, BBC Sunday Politics South, Interview with Will Jennings

4 June 2016, The Guardian, North v south, young v old – The new political faultlines

15 June 2016, Financial Times, ‘Middle England Drives Brexit Revolution’

20 June 2016, Democratic Audit UK, ‘Anti-politics after 23 June: How bad will the hangover be the morning after?’

8 May 2018, The Times, ‘We trust our politicians less … and want them to do more’

26 May 2018, The Independent, ‘Today’s politicians seem more hated than ever – but Theresa May’s predecessor had it worse: A new book sheds light on the nature of the rising tide of anti-politics feeling in Britain and America’


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